Sunday, 19 December 2010

Video Interviews, Ikebukuro (#11)

Tokyo Trawler Catch of the Day: Johnny, USA
Artist: The Crazy Ken Band

Tune: Thirty Seven Degrees
Record: Thirty Seven Degrees (2005)

Johnny's essential rating: 3/5

Johnny's Message to the People: "For tonight, everybody, Got Faded Japan, it's all good"

The Interview:

The Tokyo Trawler’s Essential Review:

Johnny told us that this song is "probably the best song you could ever go with", and whilst the Tokyo Trawler can't agree entirely* with that notion*, we can agree that this is an extremely smooth tune. Using the Trawler's slightly limited powers of translation, the Japanese lyrics to this tune appear to be littered* with innuendos*. This playful lyrical content is matched well with the almost cheesy* instrumentals - think the background lobby music in a beachfront hotel on the Copa Cabana - and the somewhat unnerving* laughter towards the back-end* of the song ensures* that you could never take this song too seriously.

Category: A hump 'n grinder

The Tokyo Trawler's message to the people: There's no way you can pick up 37 girls in one night unless you're the mother-fucking super-fly pimp 'n shit.

To download or not to download?? 3/5 (IT'S GOTTA BE DONE)

iTunes available: Yes
: entirely, notion, littered (2), innuendo, cheesy, unnerving, back-end, to ensure

Thirty Seven Degrees URL:

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