Wednesday, 17 November 2010

RiFe In JaPaN! (#2)

Today's RiFe In JaPaN! features a rather curious vending machine spotted somewhere between the Shibuya and Ebisu areas of Tokyo. Those who have ever visited this strange land will be familiar with the plethora of vending machines which dot the streets and line the station platforms, but I'd imagine few of you have ever come across one like this... (also, who the hell is the guy perched on the Boss can on the left?!)

Thanks to extremely loyal reader and defender of the faith, Andy MacKenzie for the photo.

Monday, 8 November 2010

RiFe In JaPaN! (#1)

This is Tokyo Trawler's new series, RiFe In JaPaN!

The aims to bring you, the dear readers, 'crazy Japan', through a simple photograph. Whilst walking around this place, one is often confronted with the weird and wonderful, the bizarre and incomprehensible, stunning and envy-inducing, and the just plain ridiculous. In this series, RiFe In JaPaN! is asking for your contribution. If you have any weird sh*t that you've snapped on your travels (simple mobile phone photos are OK!), go ahead and send it on to, and we'll put it up! Captions are welcome too!

Being a Brit from the southern neck of the woods, I couldn't help but love this T-shirt. Despite almost certainly being unintentional, the irony is quite irresistible. The unwitting comedians who designed this beauty are perhaps victims of their own state-of-the-art design methods - we all know how close the 'A' and 'S' keys are on the iPhone keyboard!