Tuesday, 28 December 2010

RiFe In JaPaN! (#4)

Those of us who are resident in this megalopolis will agree that Tokyo is full of surprises, both pleasant and nasty. Whilst passing through Shibuya's central Hachiko Square recently, I was presented with the former. Not the first time I've seen this kind of thing in Tokyo, but the steady stream of suited, middle-aged salarymen edging towards the two young ladies and presiding over an internal battle of their instinctive urges and the risk of shame, inevitably ending hugless, drew my attention to the fact that, unlike some of the less aesthetically pleasing, more hairy folk who are often found clasping these boards, these two young ladies were actually quite attractive, and very pleasant (Tokyo Trawler, also enduring such an internal battle, took a picture but didn't get a hug, by the way). 

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