Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Tokyo Trawler Recommendation #16 (16/09/10)

Artist: Blur
Tune: Coffee & TV
Record: 13 (1999)
Category: A deep-thinker/Twilight-zoner

Sometimes the beauty of something is in it's simplicity*, especially if you're partial* to a bit of modern art. Couple simplicity with effortlessness*, and you may well have an ingenious* piece of work. On Coffee & TV, there is little in the way of experimentation* or the unexpected, but as a result there is huge appeal in the lack of complexity*. An easy listen, with steady but far from intrusive* drums, layered guitars with a slight crunch and subtle* harmonies, Blur are well within their comfort zone* here. That's no bad thing though: this is the musical equivalent* of the best Chicken Korma curry you ever had.

The Tokyo Trawler’s message to the people: Easy on the chillies.

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Saturday, 11 September 2010

News - September 2010 日本語のニュース


もちろん、いつも日本人に「Tokyo Trawler」をもっと使いやすくしたいので、


「Tokyo Trawler」って英語の勉強にEssentialだと思いますよ!!



Tokyo Trawler Recommendation #15 (12/09/10)

Artist: Cheap Trick
Record: Heaven Tonight (1978)

A foot to the floor, windows down-er

If I ever caught my parents 'rolling* on the couch' and listening to Kiss records, I'm sure I'd be quite shocked and disgusted*, and I'm almost certain* that the last thing I'd do is write a song on the matter*. Well each to his own, because here, a song was written on the matter, conjuring up* some bizarre* images whilst pointing out* to the listener that they probably don't know what their parents got, or even get, up to. Catchy, unmistakably* '70's', and littered* with references* of the time, there is enough brain candy* to paint an accurate picture of the scenario, and perhaps even have you doubting your folks' innocence.

The Tokyo Trawler’s message to the people: I hope, for your own sake as much as theirs, that you never find your parents falling off any Indonesian junk.

To download or not to download??
iTunes available: Yes
to roll
(2), disgusted, certain, matter (2), to conjure (2), bizarre, to point out (動詞), unmistakable, littered(動詞), reference, brain/eye candy

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