Monday, 8 November 2010

RiFe In JaPaN! (#1)

This is Tokyo Trawler's new series, RiFe In JaPaN!

The aims to bring you, the dear readers, 'crazy Japan', through a simple photograph. Whilst walking around this place, one is often confronted with the weird and wonderful, the bizarre and incomprehensible, stunning and envy-inducing, and the just plain ridiculous. In this series, RiFe In JaPaN! is asking for your contribution. If you have any weird sh*t that you've snapped on your travels (simple mobile phone photos are OK!), go ahead and send it on to, and we'll put it up! Captions are welcome too!

Being a Brit from the southern neck of the woods, I couldn't help but love this T-shirt. Despite almost certainly being unintentional, the irony is quite irresistible. The unwitting comedians who designed this beauty are perhaps victims of their own state-of-the-art design methods - we all know how close the 'A' and 'S' keys are on the iPhone keyboard!

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