Thursday, 28 October 2010

Tokyo Trawler//special (vol.1): Got Faded Japan Interview

Welcome to the first edition of Tokyo Trawler//special, a new section of the blog which features extended interviews with especially productive Tokyoites, namely bloggers, podcasters, artists, musicians and other weirdos... In contrast to the regular 'Video Interviews', //special will feature an extended interview and questions about the interviewee's activities and work in Japan.

Vol. 1 features Tokyo's Got Faded Japan bloggers, 'zine producers and podcasters, Johnny and Shank. Coming from a skate and BMX background, these US natives have made it their business to dig out the weird, wonderful, and just plain f***ed up news from Japan and the rest of Asia. Never shy of a drink or two, these guys' blog, podcast and 'zine are all full of wit, fun and comment on the darker side of Japanese culture. Well worth a look. Here's the info:

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