Monday, 4 January 2010

Tokyo Trawler presents trawler//trash

New for 2010 is Tokyo Trawler's new creative arts feature - trawler//trash

trawler//trash aims to bring bits and pieces of Tokyo's awesome creative scene to you faithful readers of the Tokyo Trawler blog. Every week there will be a new piece up for you guys to check out, complete with links to the relevant sites/blogs. Please check them out.

An important part of trawler//trash will be your input. If you're an artist, sculptor, performer, actor, finger painter, clown, unicorn, or indeed just a twat, please send me your links or pictures and I'll happily feature them here. Get yourself to a wider audience. You don't have to be based in Tokyo either!!

The first trawler//trash features British illustrator Rob Kidney. Check it out below...

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