Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tokyo Trawler Recommendation #14 (21/07/10)

Artist: Jimmy Eat World
The Middle
Record: Bleed American (2001)

Foot to the floor, windows down

A catchy* rock song has never been the 'coolest' or 'hippest'* thing to enjoy, but, let's be honest, as in the case of an ugly* receptionist, aptitude* at the job at hand sometimes overrides* any of those shallower* notions*. With bright vocals and strong bass backbone, clean and simple are two of the adjectives that immediately spring to mind* when listening to The Middle. Lyrically, we are treated* to the kind of inspiration we wished we would have heard as a teenager: "You know you're doing better on your own/So don't buy in", but, then again, this song wouldn't have been cool enough back then...

The Tokyo Trawler’s message to the people: Don't be cool, be sensible.

To download or not to download??
iTunes available: Yes
catchy, hip (adjective), ugly, aptitude, to override, shallow, notion, to spring to mind (idiom), to treat (5)

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  1. It was cool enough when I was a teenager. Brings back memories of a pumping night at the Astoria...you know I was a cool Big Sis back then Mr Tokyo Trawler!