Thursday, 11 March 2010

Video Interviews, Shibuya (#7)

Tokyo Trawler Catch of the Day: www.madyour, USA
Artist: Drake
Tune: Houstalantavegas
Record: So Far Gone (EP)'s essential rating: 4/5's Message to the People: ""

The Interview:

The Tokyo Trawler’s Essential Review:

A hump 'n' grinder

On the surface*, it sounds the same as a shoal* of other songs that have come swimming out of the US 'R'n'B' scene in the last ten years, and whilst the façade* is about as engaging* as a can of sardines*, Houstalantavegas' interior does have more to offer the listener. Lyrically, the song focuses on a somewhat mysterious female character, offering a speculative*, yet intelligent and frankly sad commentary*. However, the broad, soothing* vocals don't quite compensate for the repetitive* chorus, and whilst the midway rap bridge is a welcome intermission*, you can't help wondering just how long this guy spent trying to perfect his Kanye impression*.

The Tokyo Trawler's message to the people: Don't tell Kanye, you never know what he might do.

To download or not to download?? 2/5 (IF YOU'RE BORED)
iTunes available: Yes
勉強のキーワード: surface, shoal,
façade, engaging, sardine, speculative, commentary, soothing, intermission, impression

Houstalantavegas URL:

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