Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Video Interviews, Roppongi (#5)

Tokyo Trawler Catch of the Day: Pierre, France
Artist: Bob Marley & The Wailers
Tune: Bad Card
Record: Uprising (1980)

Pierre's essential rating: 5/5

Pierre's Message to the People: "It's a fucking good song, by a fucking good artist" (English translation)

The Interview:

The Tokyo Trawler’s Essential Review:

A sunny Sunday breezerider

Bob Marley was a walking set of ideals*, standing by and actually having faith in not only his politics, but also his musical roots* and his lifestyle. Focused on the 'dancehall' movement which emerged* in 1970s Jamaica, 'Bad Card' emphasises* the political importance of the scene as a means of communication with the youth of the time. Despite citing the importance of recognition* through 'noise politics' ('I want to disturb* my neighbour'), for the listener, the laid back rhythm and trademark 'kitchen' percussion certainly do not conjure* images of anything that could be remotely* described as noise, let alone* disturbance.

The Tokyo Trawler's message to the people:
'I'm so angry about.... oh, wait, I love this song...'

To download or not to download?? 4/5 (ESSENTIAL)
iTunes available: Yes
勉強のキーワード: ideal (noun), roots, to emerge, to emphasise,, recognition, to disturb, to conjure, remotely

Bad Card URL:

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