Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Tokyo Trawler Recommendation #3 (05/11/09)

Artist: Ratatat
Tune: Seventeen Years
Record: Ratatat (2003)

Category: Foot to the floor, windows down

"I don't write my stuff anymore, I just kick it from my head", boasts* the guy in this song's intro, but the truth is, that Ratatat, being a purely instrumental duo, don't write any lyrics. Razor-sharp* production, along with sublime* guitar harmonies and metronomic, clean-cut beats, negate* the need for vocals of any kind. The silky-smooth utter* reversal of the song's mood from first to second half is quite astonishing*, and whilst there are times you imagine that this song could have been made entirely on a computer, when you realise that these guys are two actual* guitarists, it becomes all the more impressive.

The Tokyo Trawler's message to the people: That age-old piece of advice, 'start fast, end slow'

To download or not to download?? 5/5 (DO IT NOW!)
iTunes available: Yes
勉強のキーワード: to boast, razor-sharp, sublime, to negate, utter (adj.), astonishing, actual

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